Q. Are the models in the movies you sell, of legal age?

A. All models in every movie we sell are over the age of 18 (the age limit in Japan to take part in an erotic movie). Some movies have girls in school uniforms and young acting girls, this is purely fantasy!

Q. Why do I get slow download speed?

A. Our server is capable of unlimited speeds however, your download speed depends on both your connection speed and your location in regards to our server. Around half the customers are able to get their full capacity whilst some get lower. This is nothing to do with our server speeds but due to internet routing.

Q. Why do you have different file types?
A. We have a team of staff working on conversions of movies from both DVD and VHS. While we prefer to use the DIVX codec to encode our movies, it is not always possible. As a result some movies are in MPG and WMV formats.

We hope this can clear up some of your concerns, if you have a question that is not listed here, do not hesistate to contact us within our office hours.

Sukatoro World